Great Flowers for a Spring Wedding


Congratulations! You’ve just got engaged and are now on to the daunting task of planning a spectacular Mission Viejo, CA spring wedding. Beautiful in-season flowers, a moderate climate and spring renewal make for a perfect wedding backdrop and scenery. You have chosen the perfect venue, your dream dress, and picked your bridesmaids, now what about your bouquet?

Your experienced staff at Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo can create some amazing floral bouquets that will compliment any spring wedding. When looking for flowers for your spring wedding, here are some of the top flowers for spring and for spring weddings.

  1. Peony: This bloom smells sweet and brings a soft, delicate feeling to your bouquet. This flower is a favorite for brides all over the world for a reason! Peony’s varieties come in a beautiful pastel shades which come together to make a fabulous spring bouquet.
  2. Hydrangea: Hydrangea bloom into big beautiful flowers that draw the eye to their soft and delicate petals. Their soft white, blue and pastel blooms are perfect for a spring wedding bouquet.
  3. Tulips: These classic flowers are the number one choice for spring weddings! They come in nearly every color under the sun making them the perfect choice for every wedding palette. They’re traditional and rustic and perfect to complement any spring wedding look. Tulips aren’t just traditional though – their streamlined appearance makes them the perfect choice for a minimalist spring wedding or a modern wedding.
  4. Gerbera Daisy: Daisies are the pinnacle of perfect spring wedding flowers. They come in countless beautiful colors and add a sweet and fun touch to every spring wedding bouquet

We also have breath taking spring bouquets that are great for a spring wedding , check out our Burgundy Blush bouquet which has beautiful roses, elegant carnations and lilies. The mix of rich burgundy and soft pastel blooms are hand-gathered into a beautiful bouquet for spring weddings. Our Sweet Plum Persuasion is great for a bridal bouquet with its delicate pink, purple and white pastel floral mix! Stop by Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo today so we can help you choose beautiful bouquets for your fabulous Mission Viejo, CA spring wedding!



Floral Arrangements for Mantle Decor

Interior Decor

Here at Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo in Mission Viejo, CA we love decoration challenges. Decorating a mantle may seem like an overwhelming task, too much will make the fireplace look cluttered and unorganized while too little makes your room look bare and impersonal. Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo has you covered, we have beautiful floral arrangements that are great for mantle décor. Adding a floral arrangement to your mantle decoration will bring different elements to your home. Often times interior designers bring in outside elements to a design for texture and freshness, ideas that will look great in any home. When decorating your mantle with an arrangement try a simple yet sophisticated orchid. Our Bombay Orchids Delight is striking and inviting with soft purple orchids hand arranged in a modern, beauitful style. Also consider a glamorous Single Orchid Arrangement to create a modern beautiful statement. The high orchid draws your eye up the mantle while the graceful container and setting is simple and elegant. Both great choices! Check out the Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo website for different arrangements for fresh décor for your mantle and home.


Valentine’s Flowers for Teachers

Valentine's Day Concept. Gift With Red Bow  On The Wooden Backg

The New Year is here, but the holidays aren’t over just yet! Gifts have been given and the countdown is over. Now, Valentine’s Day is nearly under way in Mission Viejo, CA and all around the country. Classrooms will be decorated, and the perfect symbol of love for that special person in your life is out there.

Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo has the perfect symbol of love and appreciation for your children’s teachers. Teachers are a constant in kids’ lives. They help invest in raising future lawyers, firemen, and doctors. You name it; they have taught them.

The Happy Days Basket arrangement is a wonderful Valentine’s gift to give teachers. This colorful arrangement is full of bright yellow chrysanthemum. It will be the perfect mixture of color to add to any classroom.

This arrangement is bright and brings joy just like the teachers who could be receiving it. This delicate bouquet is arranged in a charming red bushel basket. This allows for those special teachers in our lives to incorporate their Valentine’s gift long after the flowers are gone.

Sit back and think about one important contribution a teacher had in your life. It’s hard to pick just one, right? Well, these are all perfect reasons to express how much you care for the teachers in your or your child’s life.

Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo is here to help you create the perfect symbol of appreciation in the form of a flower bouquet. Mission Viejo, CA, you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s day. Have flowers delivered today!


Why We Love this Year’s “Color of the Year”


It’s 2018 in Mission Viejo, CA! It’s is hard to believe that the new year is upon us. New year, new-you mentalities are floating through the air and catching like wild flowers. Did we say flowers? We meant fire. Kind of… It is safe to say many people don’t follow through with their new year’s resolutions Although resolutions can be broken, one trend will remain consistent for the entire year. Ultra Violet will remain the 2018 color of the year. Conroy’s Flowers of Mission Viejo wants to keep you up to date and on trend all year long. The year is fresh and new so why not start it on trend. You have to start the year off right, right? The Steal the Show by Telaflora bouquet is the perfect bouquet to bring into your home or have delivered anytime during 2018. This flower arrangement is a unique assortment of long-stem lavender roses, purple dianthus, carnations, purple and lavender stock, and accented with salal. This wide arrangement of purple flowers will give off a pleasant aroma. The sweet smell of roses will complement the spicy smell of the stock. This beautiful flower arrangement is hand crafted in a clear, cylinder vase and finished off with a decorative lavender satin ribbon. Conroy’s Flowers of Mission Viejo is ready to create the perfect purple arrangements to help jumpstart 2018. Feel free to contact us about each flower’s availability. We want to work with you to help create exactly want you want for 2018. Here’s to a happy and prosperous new year!

Creating a Winter Wonderland Using Flowers


White is always in. Sorry to those who stop wearing it after Labor Day! It is clean, versatile and brings something special to any space. Conroy’s Flowers of Mission Viejo wants to help you find that perfect all-white bouquet that is going to have all of Mission Viejo , CA talking.

The White Elegance is a timeless yet soft piece for any space. The white roses add an elegant feel. The lilies and snapdragons are used so that this bouquet can be toned down enough for a casual look. The touches of lush greenery incorporate the outdoors while complimenting this clean look. The clear cylinder vase adds something simplistic while looking elegant. Less is more!

Roses… Roses… and more Roses… They are extremely popular on their own but are just as stunning as an accent. The The Heavenly White is a combination of red roses many are looking for complimented with soft greenery.

If you want a piece that is dressed up, these roses are styled in a clear designed vase. A bouquet with a vase like this is dressed to impress. This bouquet still feels clean, using greenery to add demention to this stunning flower arrangement.

There are a wide variety of white flowers available for flower arrangements. Tulips, Daisies and Jasmine are three flowers that are popular among arrangements. All of these names are pleasant to the ear, and the actual flowers are just as pleasant to the eye. These flowers do have strong scents so be cautious before sending them to someone with allergies.

For those of you who want something minimal yet beautiful to send or add to your home while keeping the white look, consider asking about a Serenity Orchids. Orchids are known as one of the nation’s most popular houseplants. If they are taken proper care of, they will last.

Orchids are the largest species of plants in the entire world so don’t be alarmed when we say there are 25,000 – 30,000 different species of orchid. Because there are 25,000 – 30,000 different species of orchid! There are many orchids used for cut designs, but the one you will most commonly see in a home is the Phalaenopsis Orchid. They are all beautiful, and there are many colors to choose from. Some colors that are found are yellow, green, purple, blush and or course, white!

If you want a flower arrangement that will go in any space, consider an all-white flower arrangement. It will add a clean look and a fresh ambiance. If you don’t want something that is all white, white flowers are great to have added as a compliment for many arrangements. Mission Viejo, CA is stunning on its own. Why not let Conroy’s Flowers of Mission Viejo add something extra stunning to your home!

New Year, New You

New-year-flowers (1)

It’s almost that time of the year. It’s the start of every get- fit and live-right mentality. It’s the New Year! Here in Mission Viejo, CA, we want you to start the new year right.

Everyone needs some encouragement sometimes. Giving doesn’t end when Christmas is over. With the vast majority of your friends ready to incorporate a positive change in their life, the new year is a great opportunity to give.

Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo is here and ready to help you find that perfect flower arrangement for the new year. We all spend New Year’s differently. Some spend New Years at a party ready to ring in the new year with those they care about. Others choose to sleep through the New Year’s fireworks, get togethers and other festivities. Whatever you choose, we are here to help.

Winter Oasis is a perfect arrangement to give to those hosting the year- ending parties.This tranquil medley of sky blue and cloud white flowers – accented with a graceful blue ribbon – is like an oasis of calm. An enchanting winter floral gift and a wonderful way to celebrate Hanukkah or even a seasonal birthday. A mix of fresh blue and white flowers such as delphinium, roses, Asiatic lilies and hydrangea is accented with greenery and a blue ribbon, and delivered in a tall glass cylinder vase.The shimmering, silver accents placed in the arrangement will match the Christmas decorations that you have yet to take down. Don’t worry. We get it.


The Blue Horizons is a beautiful gift to give to those friends who are ringing in the new year at home. This flower arrangement incorporates the famous White Asiatic lilies, white spray roses and dark blue iris – accented with greenery – are delivered in a glass vase. It fills the home with warmth while using an exquisite mix of white and blue blossoms that make a stunning  gift, or a superb Hanukah present for a favorite friend or family member. An eye-catching selection. This arrangement on its own is beautiful. The beautiful vase adds a touch of class making it a great gift for any home.

Simply Peaceful is a flower arrangement that can be sent even after the New Year’s bell has rung. This bouquet is precisely placed with fresh mixed winter greens with long lasting fresh flowers are accented with pinecones and gilded boxwood in this simply peaceful arrangement. Leave a personal note to remind recipient that you are there to encourage them even when you can’t physically be there.

Ringing in New Years is important. Don’t ring it in empty handed. Don’t forget to remind those you love know how much you care. It is just as important to start the new year right as it is to end it right. With only 8% of people achieving their New Year’s goals, it is smart to encourage those starting their goals.

Consider having flowers delivered this 2017. Maybe even live on the wild side, send them in 2018. If you want that extra personal touch, Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo is here to create that perfect message you want sent to that exact person they are intended for.

Holiday Floral Decor Design Class

We love community outreach here at Conroy’s Flowers of Mission Viejo in Mission Viejo CA. This month we hosted our “Holiday Floral Decor” wreath floral design class. Brought to you by our shop in partnership with the city of Mission Viejo. This workshop was so fun and we were happy to see so many people interested in being creative and festive for the holiday season. This workshop is our 3rd this year, and we wanted to do something to help everyone get into the holiday spirit. Wreaths are a great holiday tradition, usually placed on a front door, but even above a fireplace, or in the kitchen above a sink. Wreaths help your home feel more festive and full of holiday cheer, this traditional holiday decor dates back to ancient Greece. Wreaths are in the shape of a ring and usually include twigs, flowers, and leaves. Here at Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo we love to get to know our customers and spend time with them. So to check out one of our next workshops or events please contact us here at (949) 364-9005.








Choosing the Perfect Hostess Gift This Season


It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Mission Viejo, CA! Between all the Christmas parties, holiday gatherings, secret Santa’s, family celebrations and more, at Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo we have a lot of parties we’ll be attending over the next few weeks! It’s traditional to bring a small gift to show the host or hostess that you appreciate them inviting you to their party and possibly their home. Some traditional hostess gifts include snacks, chocolate and flowers. Holiday flower arrangements or Christmas bouquets make a perfect hostess gift to bring to any party. For a Christmas party, we suggest the Tulips and Pine filled with beautiful crisp tulips. For a wintertime bouquet that’s as pure as the driven snow, send this unexpected gift of ten white tulips, accented with aromatic white pine, and adorned with a silver ribbon. A simple pleasure for a peaceful season. 10 white tulips and white pine are delivered in a clear glass vase that’s accented with a silver ribbon. This is the perfect bouquet to complement any Christmas décor your hostess already has in their home. By giving a flower arrangement as your hostess gift, you give the hostess a lovely lasting gift that will make their home more beautiful for another week or more! Another great Christmas party hostess gift is the Holiday Flower Tree. This extravagant and beautiful flower arrangement is crafted with winter greenery to be in the shape of a beautiful, petite Christmas tree. It’s decorated with red roses, white cushion poms, red and white mini carnations and gorgeous little red Christmas ornaments. Topped with a perfect red bow, the Holiday Flower Tree is perfect to decorate their dining room table or show off in their living room! At Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo, we’re all excited and busy getting everything ready for all our holiday celebrations! When you’re ready to pick out the perfect flower arrangement for a hostess gift, stop in today!

Try Buying A Child Flowers as a Birthday Gift

Try Buying A Child Flowers as a Birthday Gift

In today’s world, there are so many options for buying children gifts for their birthdays, here at Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo we have a number of fresh floral arrangements perfect for a child’s birthday. These fun and festive arrangements are sure to make any child in your life smile. Some of our favorite floral arrangements for a child’s birthday are the Dog-able BasketBirthday Flower Cake Pastel, and the Pup-Cake in Bloom. These arrangements are perfect to send as a birthday gift for a child because they are cute and fun! Plus your child will wonder how we were able to get flowers to look like their favorite furry friend! imagine the look in a child’s face when they are delivered an amazingly cute flower arrangement on their birthday! They will feel so special! We have many fun and exciting kid friendly floral arrangements to choose from so call us today here at Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo the number is (949) 364-9005!

Why We Love Delivering Flowers

Why We Love Delivering Flowers

Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo in Mission Viejo, CA loves to deliver flowers to our customers! Outside of creating the beautiful floral arrangements this is one of the best things that we do! When we deliver flowers to customers, or for our customers there is something about seeing that smile on the recipients face that makes delivering flowers in Mission Viejo, CA one of the best rewards for us. Majority of our hand-crafted arrangements are made to be delivered, so you never have to worry about the arrangement not surviving the trip to the recipient. When a customer calls and places a delivery order we help them pick the best arrangement for the recipient. Whether incorporating their favorite colors, flowers, or even smell! The reaction when someone receives a beautiful floral arrangement is the best part, surprised and also happy that someone thought to brighten up their day. Some of our favorites to deliver are the Floral Embrace and A Dozen Premium Red Roses Bouquet both of these arrangements are larger than life so when we deliver them not only is the recipient surprised but they give us a big smile to match! For floral delivery in the Mission Viejo, CA area browse our amazing flowers available for delivery – check out the Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo website.