Summer Sympathy Flowers


Losing someone is hard, but it gives us the opportunity to celebrate our loved one’s life. In moments of grief Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo in California is here to help you remember the happy memories you shared with them. When choosing what flowers to send to the funeral home, remember you can always ask us for unique funeral flowers. Here are some ideas of bright and beautiful unique funereal flower arrangements.

When buying a standing wreath for a loved one consider using their favorite bright color. If they enjoyed purple, the Joyful Memory Flower Arrangement will be perfect to celebrate their life. Using their favorite color will help bring their memories at the funeral. Making their funeral unique with flowers is a great way to celebrate their life this summer.

Standing wreaths don’t have to have the traditional circle form. To represent the love you have for the ones that have passed away, you can always purchase a wreath in the shape of a heart. Forever Cherished Heart Flower Spray is a beautiful example of unique funeral flowers to decorate the funeral home!

This summer celebrate the lives of those that have passed away by getting some unique funeral flowers. If you have any questions regarding how to make your loved one’s funeral ceremony unique and special, Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo, CA is here to help you! We want to guide you in these hard moments and remind you of the happiness that flowers can bring!


Flowers to Send Your Grieving Friend

Flowers to Send Your Grieving Friend

When someone you care about is grieving, it can feel hard, or nearly impossible, to try to comfort them. At Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo we hear from people like you every day who want to show support and love to their friends after the loss of a loved one. Flowers are a traditional gift to send a friend who is grieving to let them know you are thinking of them, and to help warm their home during this difficult time.

At Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo, we deliver funeral flowers right to your friends’ and family’s front doors, but we also gladly deliver flowers to funeral homes in Mission Viejo, CA. We want to do everything we can to help you express your condolences.

When delivering flowers to someone’s home, we suggest sympathy flower arrangements that will look nice on a coffee table or mantelpiece, like the Celebration Trio of Flower Arrangements funeral flower arrangement. These beautiful flower arrangement comes in a variety of colors so you can choose to celebrate the life and personality of your friend’s lost loved one. Choose the full trio of flowers for a bountiful surprise or send one of the individual arrangements like this Celebration Tribute Spray.

If you need help picking the perfect flower arrangement to express your sympathy to a grieving friend, the florists at Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo will help you choose. We will also help you decide whether to deliver funeral flowers to the funeral home in Mission Viejo, CA or to their home.

How flowers really help someone who is sick

How flowers really help someone who is sick

Sending someone you know and love flowers when they are sick and trying to get better is actually really helpful. Here at Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo in Mission Viejo, CA, we deliver flowers to majority of the major hospitals in and around town. We have so many arrangements to choose from that are sure to help someone you know “get well soon”. Sending someone who is recovering from any type of sickness, illness, or procedure flowers is a common practice, but what about sending flowers to someone who’s stuck at home with sick a stomach bug.

Having flowers delivered has an amazing way of instantly making your day brighter, which is sure to make your loved one feel a little better. Some of our customer favorites are arrangements like the Floral Embrace. Another perfect arrangement to someone who is sick is the A-Dog-Able Doggie Howser, MD. flower arrangement with a cute dog doctor holding a petite medical kit to bring a smile to your friend’s faces! Crafted out of white carnations, this precious pup is surrounded in a bed of daisies, poms and waxflowers.

If you are looking for a cheerful arrangement that can be delivered to brighten up the day of a sick loved one check out all of our get well soon arrangements online on our shop. We can’t wait to help them feel better!

For the Queen in your life

Red roses on wedding day

A king can’t become a king without his queen. Your beautiful wife, girlfriend, fiancée or special someone is like royalty in your eyes. Your queen runs your home like a castle, takes care of you and her kingdom. She guides with wisdom, leads with virtue and cares for everyone. With such an important position weighing on her shoulders, showing her your appreciation on Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way to make her happy.

Remind her you know she is your queen of Mission Viejo, CA with the Burgundy Blush Flower BouquetConroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo understands the importance of expressing your feelings to the ones you love, and we think delivering flowers to your wife or girlfriend is the perfect way to do that! Your queen may deserve the world, but this flower bouquet will feel like the universe to her.

Queens have their shoes, their clothes and everything their hearts desire made specifically for them. Let our expert florists at Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo customize and design the flower bouquet of your queen’s dreams!

If you don’t know what to do this Valentine’s Day for your wife or girlfriend, consider sending this ensemble of pink roses, paired with lilies and layered in a glass vase. It is the perfect flower arrangement for your wife on Valentine’s Day.

The queen of Mission Viejo, CA has won the hearts of her people and has obviously won your heart too. Why not win her heart again with this bold and beautiful flower arrangement?

Galentine’s Day Flowers


Galentine’s Day first made its’ appearance in 2010 on Parks and Recs. It’s a day to celebrate your friends and show how much they mean to you. Its’ tagline of “ladies celebrating ladies” has lasted through the years following. Although Galentine’s Day started as an episode of Parks and Recs, it has transformed into a tradition all across America including Mission Viejo, CA. It’s a fantastic way to show your friends that you appreciate and love them. If you haven’t already started celebrating this holiday, it’s super easy to start.

Here at Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo we believe going all out for Galentine’s Day is the only way to go. For your sophisticated best friends, we suggest the Purple Perfection flower arrangement. The beautiful yet simple orchards and roses will let her know that you are thankful to have her calming friendship in your life.

For your spunky friends try the Burgundy Blush Flower Arrangement . The pink lilies will remind her of how much you love her personality and the red roses show that you love her to the moon and back.

All friends are different, and this Galentine’s Day make sure the ladies in your life know how special they are to you and here at Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo we would love to help you meet that goal.

Spreading Kindness with Flowers all Year Long


January is an interesting time of year. December is full of holidays like Christmas and New Year while February is engrossed with thoughts of love and romantic flowers. The common thread connecting these two months is giving! This January Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo starts off the new year right by spreading love and kindness. January is when people recover from the holiday highs, but it is also the month people prepare for the day of love and romance.

Since giving and receiving gifts during these months is much appreciated and bring joys into people’s lives, we encourage Mission Viejo, CA to not forget about the importance of sharing love and kindness all year round. We all know flower arrangements are a timeless gift to bring joy to your family and friends!

The A-Dog-Able Flower Arrangement is s perfect flower arrangement and is a wonderful way to let people know you thought of them. When a gift is given spontaneously, it means so much more. This flower arrangement in an assortment of white carnations, pink Matsumoto asters, lavender daisy poms, hot pink mini carnations, purple monte casino accented with variegated pittosporum. These flowers are arranged ever- so delicately, assembling a white kitten in a reusable basket. A perfect flower bouquet for those animal lovers.

This flower arrangement is versatile and sweet. It can be given to a mom, a friend, a child, or even a teacher! It is a friendly conversation piece and a unique conversation starter. Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo wants to encourages Mission Viejo, CA and all those around you to spread kindness daily. Flower arrangements are just a bonus!

National Compliment Day


National compliment day was started in 1998 by Kathy Chamberlin and Debby Hoffman. It is celebrated every 24th of January by giving compliments. It’s a day to show everyone you know that you appreciate them. With all the fantastic people in Mission Viejo, CA, it shouldn’t be hard to celebrate this holiday in full, but what about friends who don’t live close?

Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo would like to help out. This holiday, send a beautiful Sunny Day Pitcher of Cheer Flower Bouquet with a personalized compliment on the card. The fun sunflowers and carnations will be sure to brighten their day and a heartfelt compliment will get them through the rest of the week.

Not sure what to write on a card? Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo has some ideas. You have a nice smile, you’re such a good friend, and you have such an amazing personality are just a few that everyone loves hearing. If you would like even more inspiration check out the #NationalComplimentDay. In Mission Viejo, CA we think everyone deserves a compliment this holiday.

DIY Newborn Photoshoot Ideas

Newborn baby lies in flowers close up

Having a baby is a joyous occasion and at Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo in Mission Viejo, CA we love to help celebrate the arrival of your new baby with a beautiful bouquet. Because flowers are a traditional gift to welcome the birth of your newest bundle of joy, you’re likely to receive a lot of beautiful flower arrangements. At Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo, we’ve come up with a fun idea for repurposing your beautiful flower arrangements: a DIY newborn photoshoot!


When doing your own newborn photoshoot, you want to choose a place that has a lot of natural light. Great lighting will make your pictures look more professional as well as help create a great back ground.

Choose some props:

Luckily newborn photography doesn’t require many (if any!) props, but you can DIY a background that is so adorable using some of the flower arrangements you may have received congratulating your new arrival. Our Beautiful in Blue and A Little Pink Me Up flower arrangements are perfect to repurpose for a newborn photo shoot! With beautiful roses, daisies and carnations in either shades of sweet baby blue or perfectly pretty pink, these arrangements offer a lot of interesting texture and color – perfect for a photo shoot! If you want to go a less traditional route, our End of the Rainbow Bouquet has bright and vibrant roses, carnations and daisy poms in gorgeous red, orange, yellow, green and neon pink! You can grab a basket, fill it with white sheets, and place flowers around the edge of the basket. Voila! A beautiful professional looking background that was both handmade and super affordable.


If you use your iPhone (which has a pretty decent camera) to take your newborn photos, you can also download photo editing and printing apps directly to your phone! This is the final touch on any photoshoot and are needed to adjust lighting, add effects, and crop the image to your liking. Then you can send the photo to your desired photo printer!

Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo would love to see your DIY newborn photoshoot, celebrating new life is always so exciting. If you’re looking to send the perfect gift to someone expecting a little bundle of joy please visit our website or call us today!


Great Flowers for a Spring Wedding


Congratulations! You’ve just got engaged and are now on to the daunting task of planning a spectacular Mission Viejo, CA spring wedding. Beautiful in-season flowers, a moderate climate and spring renewal make for a perfect wedding backdrop and scenery. You have chosen the perfect venue, your dream dress, and picked your bridesmaids, now what about your bouquet?

Your experienced staff at Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo can create some amazing floral bouquets that will compliment any spring wedding. When looking for flowers for your spring wedding, here are some of the top flowers for spring and for spring weddings.

  1. Peony: This bloom smells sweet and brings a soft, delicate feeling to your bouquet. This flower is a favorite for brides all over the world for a reason! Peony’s varieties come in a beautiful pastel shades which come together to make a fabulous spring bouquet.
  2. Hydrangea: Hydrangea bloom into big beautiful flowers that draw the eye to their soft and delicate petals. Their soft white, blue and pastel blooms are perfect for a spring wedding bouquet.
  3. Tulips: These classic flowers are the number one choice for spring weddings! They come in nearly every color under the sun making them the perfect choice for every wedding palette. They’re traditional and rustic and perfect to complement any spring wedding look. Tulips aren’t just traditional though – their streamlined appearance makes them the perfect choice for a minimalist spring wedding or a modern wedding.
  4. Gerbera Daisy: Daisies are the pinnacle of perfect spring wedding flowers. They come in countless beautiful colors and add a sweet and fun touch to every spring wedding bouquet

We also have breath taking spring bouquets that are great for a spring wedding , check out our Burgundy Blush bouquet which has beautiful roses, elegant carnations and lilies. The mix of rich burgundy and soft pastel blooms are hand-gathered into a beautiful bouquet for spring weddings. Our Sweet Plum Persuasion is great for a bridal bouquet with its delicate pink, purple and white pastel floral mix! Stop by Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo today so we can help you choose beautiful bouquets for your fabulous Mission Viejo, CA spring wedding!


Floral Arrangements for Mantle Decor

Interior Decor

Here at Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo in Mission Viejo, CA we love decoration challenges. Decorating a mantle may seem like an overwhelming task, too much will make the fireplace look cluttered and unorganized while too little makes your room look bare and impersonal. Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo has you covered, we have beautiful floral arrangements that are great for mantle décor. Adding a floral arrangement to your mantle decoration will bring different elements to your home. Often times interior designers bring in outside elements to a design for texture and freshness, ideas that will look great in any home. When decorating your mantle with an arrangement try a simple yet sophisticated orchid. Our Bombay Orchids Delight is striking and inviting with soft purple orchids hand arranged in a modern, beauitful style. Also consider a glamorous Single Orchid Arrangement to create a modern beautiful statement. The high orchid draws your eye up the mantle while the graceful container and setting is simple and elegant. Both great choices! Check out the Conroy’s Flowers Mission Viejo website for different arrangements for fresh décor for your mantle and home.